Triple Column – CBT Thought Diary iPhone App Review

20120516-065815.jpgThis is a very simple app that lets you create a list of unhelpful “automatic thoughts” that you might have. You can add an entry to the thought diary, type in the thought, label the cognitive distortion, and then input a rational response. You can then only really edit the entry, delete it, or view a colourful summary in green and yellow.

The user interaction with this app is a pretty poor, partly as you have to do more than one thing on the edit screen, and the navigation involves retracing your steps from dead-ends. I find the font size tiny also.

There are features that you might miss unless you explore a bit, for example, hidden under the keyboard at the bottom of the thought entry page, there is a ‘list of distortions’ reference page (lifted, it seems, from wikipedia’s cognitive distortion page).

Cognitive distortions:

  1. All or nothing thinking
  2. Overgeneralisation
  3. Mental filter
  4. Disqualifying the positive
  5. Jumping to conclusions
  6. Magnification and minimisation
  7. Emotional reasoning
  8. Should statements
  9. Labeling and mislabelling
  10. Personalisation


There is also reference made to the app being derived from David Burns’ book “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy”.

In general, I think this app could be used as a thought record or thought diary, but there are much better apps out there that do the same thing and are easier to use and nicer to interact with.

TripleColumn is a free app that can be found here.

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