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Ten Years On… The development, role & future of the Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (CAAP)

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Private CBT

Accessing private Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) means you deal directly with your therapist – there is no need for a referral to be made from your GP, and, at least at the moment, I have no waiting list for private CBT clients. Waiting times for accessing psychological therapies can be up to a year in […]

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What stresses you out?

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10 questions about my use of social media

A key strategy that is used by practitioners delivering psychological therapies, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is reflective practice. It’s important to check, or audit your practises, and to make sure that they are effective and efficient in achieving their intended outcome. I thought it would be helpful to list a few questions which may be […]

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Psychologists’ public engagement…

  Just recently, the British Psychological Society (BPS) invited applications for their public engagement grant scheme. “Through these grants we aim to help members promote the relevance of evidence-based psychology to wider audiences either through direct work or by organising interesting and relevant communications activities. Past recipients have received grants to work on projects such websites and workshops.” […]

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How do you recognise a problem? Do you ask your friends, family or colleagues? Do you make an appointment with a specialist? Do you google? Do you trust your own instinct, or the advice of others? Through this process you may begin to realise that there is another way… a way to live life having overcome […]

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Moodjuice Self Help Guides

Here is a list of the self help guides for common mental health problems which I was involved in redeveloping over the last year. You can find them all on the professional page of the Moodjuice website. I understand that they are used routinely across at least three health board regions in Scotland. These guides were written by psychologists, they […]

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