What is Cognitive Therapy?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a a combined and complimentary approach which incorporates elements of Cognitive Therapy, which looks primarily at thoughts, and Behavioural Therapy, which focuses on actions.

Cognitive Therapy aims to maintain rational and balanced thinking. In doing so, irrational thoughts, negative thoughts or biased thoughts are deliberately and systematically identified using a thought diary system. These thoughts are then carefully considered and processed or ‘challenged’ in order to evaluate how realistic, balanced and helpful they are. It may be possible to work out a more balanced thought to replace what is often called a ‘negative automatic thought’, ‘unhelpful thought’ or ‘thought error’.

It is quite common for people to experience a bias in their thinking styles at one time or another. For example, when they are tired, irritable, worried, upset or feeling low. It is often when a persistent pattern begins to emerge that such thinking can start to have a negative impact.

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